Day: June 1, 2009

The Whistler – June 2009

WILD LIFE GARDEN The Wild Life garden at the West Hill Hall continues to create work and enjoyment for those volunteer gardeners who are involved and to improve the environs for the benefit of our visitors – feathered and two-legged. Thanks to Tinkers and Blenio Bistro for their […]

Caroline Lucas

Interview with Caroline Lucas

Pizza Girl was happy to help her neighbour’s 12 year old daughter secure an interview with the delightful Leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas. Caroline was only too pleased to help Quanita with her media studies project. I think you will agree from her probing questions that […]

Much Ado about Nothing again

I have had literally hundreds of emails thanking me for guest editing the last edition of this multi-award winning newspaper. In particular, the plaudits have been pouring in for my credit crunch busting tips. Many of you said that the article has already saved you thousands of pounds. […]

John Kent

Guitar Man

John Kent has played guitar for thirty years and now runs Guitar Tuition Brighton as a full time teaching practice offering tuition in rock, pop and blues guitar. The approach John often uses creates a way for students to learn aspects of music that immediately interests them: “I […]