A Poem by Brendon Batchelor


These 3 Guardian Angels sweetly haunted his dreams

Corin, Carrie and Janet came to him one night
Although they meant no harm
He seemed to get a fright!
Corin said, “Don’t be scared Honey,
We’re your guardian angels;
We are watching over cool dudes like you
‘Cos you dig our music!
We are more Punk Rock revolutionaries,
Rather than Marx or Engels.
Our music will never make you sick!”
All of a sudden, he woke up!
It most certainly seemed
That these 3 guardian angels sweetly haunted his dreams…
So he had an idea, one that was truly great,
That he’d go and buy an album
By these girls from Washington State
He went down to his local record shop –
He was no schmuck –
Over in the ‘S’ section,
Thus he realised his luck.
A lover of cool rock,
He knew where the stood…
He bought himself a copy of
Sleater-Kinney’s ‘The Woods’.


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