The Whistler – June 2009

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a song bird will come - Chinese proverb
Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a song bird will come” Chinese proverb


The Wild Life garden at the West Hill Hall continues to create work and enjoyment for those volunteer gardeners who are involved and to improve the environs for the benefit of our visitors – feathered and two-legged. Thanks to Tinkers and Blenio Bistro for their generous donations of nuts and herbs. All donations are welcome.

Sue Williams, one of the volunteers, wrote to us recently with a tale describing an example of devotion beyond the call of duty by another volunteer, Jo Martin.

“A big vote of thanks – if not a medal – should be awarded to our wild life gardener Jo, who was found on a miserable morning, kneeling on the ground, with her bare arm, up to the shoulder, down the blocked drain in front of the Hall. She spent the best part of an hour scooping out a filthy mix of mud, gravel and roots, gouging a chunk out of her hand in the process, which bled profusely. I stood by offering encouragement, hoping she wouldn’t say “Your turn now – you have a go!”  But she says she’s not afraid of drains and carried on digging until it was clear, determined to save the Hall the expense of calling out Dyno-Rod.  And they say community spirit is dead….Well done that woman!”

Well done, indeed.

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