Letters to The Whistler

Dear Whistler

I tried to do the Where West Hill competition in the last edition but it was just too hard. However, it was fun trying to find the locations anyway. Thanks for making me look a little harder at our great neighbourhood.
CJ, Bath St

Dear Editor

I live in West Hill Road and I note some bright spark has stuck a sponge to the top of the communal bin so when the lid is opened up wide it does not make a loud ‘banging’ sound. Very effective – but should we really have to do this?
J Standing, West Hill Road

Dear Editor

Could you let your readers know that Older People’s perceptions of community safety are being investigated by an all-party panel of councillors. In recognition that the older population have particular concerns about community safety, an independent Scrutiny Panel has been set up by B&H City Council to consult and recommend actions on issues of concern to those aged 50 and over. People have been invited to give their views at public meetings held around the City – the last one is on 3 July from 11am-1pm at Brighton Town Hall. Councillor Mo Marsh, Chair of the Panel, hopes that people over 50 in the City will welcome this opportunity to prioritise their concerns about community safety. She urges older people and their carers to pass on their views, either in writing or by attending a meeting. Please contact the Scrutiny Team on: scrutiny@brighton-hove.gov.uk, telephone 291062 or write to: Older People and Community Safety Scrutiny Panel, c/o Scrutiny Team, R128 Kings House, Grand Avenue, Hove BN3 2RS
Alison Blower, B&H City Council

Dear Residents of West Hill & Central Brighton

The Pavement markings for the No Loading/Loading area in the Terminus Road side streets have been painted in and the signs have now been fitted which will make illegal parking enforceable at the top of each street. The protected turning area will hopefully be kept clear to avoid the need for people to reverse out into the main road. Of course, for this to be of use the parking restriction will need to be enforced but I have now been informed that skips can be placed in restricted areas, and, indeed, almost anywhere on the highway. I will follow up to get this matter clarified.

I have been informed also that at this present time and in the foreseeable future, for operational reasons, waste bins will not be installed in the Terminus Road side streets. Recent reports suggest that the new type waste bins are unpopular due to the small flap opening, which is noisy to operate, difficult for some people to reach, and does not shut on its own. This open lid releases smells and allows the inlet of water, unlike the foot operated ones that have dampers to keep the operational noise to a minimum and automatically close.

The possibility of free parking on Bank Holidays, Christmas and possibly Sundays in some areas is to be discussed in the near future. Any questions or queries please contact me on 07768 002328 between 11am and 6pm.
Steve Percy, Chairman, People’s Parking Protest

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