The Cycles of Life

If we look with the ‘right’ eyes, we see cycles in all aspects of life. There are the more obvious daily and annual cycles and the cycle of the seasons, but also there are the cycles of the biorhythms within our bodies. Observing these can give us real insights into the overall cycle of life.

As the season of summer begins to enter our lives again, we see the flowers in full blossom and the beauty of the sunshine sparkling on the ocean. We are reminded of the blessing it is to be living so close to the sea. If we are able to take the time to sit by the ocean, we can feel the gentle ebb and flow of the waves as they fulfil their own little cycle of existence, bringing a sense of repetition which, interestingly, has a calming influence. Perhaps even taking us into a state where we are so mesmerised by the movement of the waves that we lose ourselves in a place where time no longer seems to exist. As we return to everyday activities a small part stays for a while in that calmer state and perhaps we are more aware of the vibrant colours and smells surrounding us as we continue on our way.

As the summer heat kicks in and the bank holidays come, we find many people entering our world as they come from the Big City for a day by the sea or from further afield for a change in their routine. We see pure delight on small children’s faces as they experience the sea for the first time or perhaps return with fond memories of previous times spent frolicking by the shore. Soon it is time for a new cycle to unfold as people head for home at the end of the day, at the end of a holiday or as the season begins to change…


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