Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor
I should be grateful if, through your journal, I could express my thanks to the taxi driver who picked me up on 3 July at the garage near Hove station after I had severely twisted my knee and brought me home to West Hill. I paid for my journey but in fact, the driver had just knocked off and this was an act of kindness. He came from the Streamline taxi company.

Norma Hayworth, West Hill

Dear Residents
WHCA is fortunate to have two representatives on the Conservation Advisory Group, who work together in the interests of West Hill, Isla Robertson and Jim Gowans. The CAG objectives are to act as a reference group to advise the Council on the implementation of the Conservation Strategy, on major planning applications or Council proposals affecting Conservation areas, Listed Buildings and on the development of policies for the protection of the historic built environment. You can contact Isla and Jim through The Whistler or by writing to them care of WHCA at the West Hill Hall. Another distinguished local resident, Robert Gregory, is also part of the CAG Group, representing the Brighton Society.

Sylvia Alexander-Vine, Chair

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