The Whistler – October 2009

 1010 logo
10:10 is an ambitious project to unite every sector of British society behind one simple idea: that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions by the end of 2010. Individual efforts are not just a pointless drop in the ocean if they’re part of a mass movement. 10:10 makes the efforts of individuals meaningful by ensuring that lots of people will be pledging to make the same cuts, and shows politicians that we, as a people, are taking the threat of climate change seriously.
Doing any or all of the following will make a difference.

1 Fly less, holiday more
Swap plane for train, holiday nearer to home and take fewer but longer trips – same tanning time, dramatically less climate change emissions.

2 Save 10% on heating
Turn down your thermostat, turn off radiators in hallways and more jumpers all round. Then apply for a grant to insulate your loft & walls.

3 Save 10% on electricity
Save big cash by changing lightbulbs, replacing old fridges & freezers and always turning stuff off. Use your bill to compare 2009 usage to 2010.

4 Drive less
Leave your car at home one day a week. Walk, cycle or take public transport. Join a car-club rather than owning your own and share your ride to work with a colleague or two.

5 Eat better
Local, in-season fruit & veg produce the least emissions – and the less processed the better. Have one meat-free day per week – but don’t replace with just-as-bad cheese.

6 Buy good stuff
Less stuff made = less emissions = less climate damage. So buy high-quality things that last, repair broken stuff rather than chucking, buy & sell second-hand and borrow your neighbour’s mower.

7 Dump less
Avoid excess packaging and buying pointless stuff that goes straight in the bin, recycle everything possible and compost your food waste. No garden or scared of worms? Let you off the composting.

8 Don’t waste food…
The average British family throws away £50 worth of food every month. So don’t buy or cook more than you need and eat up those tasty leftovers. With a smile on your face.

9 … or water
Your tap water uses lots of energy – and then heating it in your home uses loads more – so take showers rather than baths, be careful when watering plants and only run full dishwashers & washing machines.

This is a project to start making genuine changes to British society, changes we need so that we can leave our children a future we can be proud of. That’s why 10:10 does not recognise any form of offsetting as counting towards the 10% target.
10:10 was conceived by the team behind climate blockbuster The Age of Stupid, which was shown recently at the West Hill Hall. They now run the campaign with support from a team of partner organisations including The Guardian, ActionAid, Comic Relief, Energy Saving Trust, Carbon Trust, the Public Interest Research Centre and many more.

Find out more and sign up at www.1010uk.org


Activities in the Hall continue to thrive, there are new classes and the area is looking more beautiful each day on account of the hard work of the Wildlife Garden group. In May the Hall became licensed for civil wedding ceremonies and hosted its first wedding in August. The licence also covers naming ceremonies and funerals. At the same time, the premises licence was re-applied for to enable to Hall to continue hosting music and arts events. Sadly, there was a local objection to this application so we have been working hard to communicate with local residents that a new licence does not mean more events and the Hall becoming a ‘rock venue’. We have been listening to and answering concerns, and have offered to organise an open meeting if there is enough interest.
We welcome your feedback – the Hall is there for everyone in the local community.

The West Hill Gardeners’ Group will be holding a sale at the Hall on Saturday 31 October from 1-3pm. We look forward again to have help from our friends in Compton Avenue, especially with the clearing up from 3-3.30pm. All unsold items will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

The Rock House is a new monthly night at the Hall for people with learning difficulties to learn and play music in a fun and relaxed DIY environment. “Boogie hard in the Rock House, hang out with your friends. Spin like a record till the party ends”. On the third Tuesday of each month, 7.00pm to 9.30pm. Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 15.

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