Wish me luck as you Wave me Goodbye

Meena & Vinod Mashru
Meena & Vinod Mashru
Vinod and Meena Mashru, owners of the super convenient store that is at the heart of our community, threw a farewell party in August for Dev Nayak, an assistant who has been working at Bright News for 3 years and who has now returned to India.
Dev Nayak
And it's goodbye from Dev
A crowded West Hill Hall marked his popularity. The many assembled residents drank to his health and were served a delicious, healthy buffet of Indian food by Meena and her trusty helpers. Although a sad occasion, there was much laughter and bonhomie as we wished Dev bon voyage back to his wife and two children. These events are central to the community, giving residents the chance to meet new people and catch up with neighbours with whom we don’t always have time to stop and chat. Helping the hosts to lay on this splendid and cosy party were their children, Vishal, Anish and Karishma and Meena’s family and friends. Dev gave a touching speech, saying how much he had enjoyed his time in Brighton. We really enjoyed knowing him.
Dev's Party People
Dev's Party People

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