Letters to the Whistler

Dear Editor
Thanks for letting me know about 10:10 in the last issue. I signed up right away and sent the following email to 10 of my friends via the 10:10 website – it’s easy!

Everyone’s looking for something to do about climate change. What’s needed is something straightforward, immediate and meaningful. I think I’ve found it. Today I joined thousands of individuals and organisations from across the country to unite behind one simple idea: that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in carbon emissions during 2010. It’s called 10:10, and everyone can be a part of it. Cutting 10% in one year is a bold target, but for most of us it’s an achievable one, and is in line with what scientists say we need right now. By signing up to 10:10 we’re not just promising to reduce our own emissions – we’re becoming part of a national drive to hit this ambitious goal country-wide. In our homes, in our workplaces, our schools and our hospitals, our galleries and football clubs and universities, we’ll be backing each other up as we take the first steps on the road to becoming a low-carbon society. To find out more and sign up go to www.1010uk.org

If everyone of The Whistler’s 4000 readers sent this email to 10 of their friends, that would be 40,000 more people signed up.

Jane Sinclair, Seven Dials

Dear Residents of West Hill
On 3 November Reg Woodhouse, my Vice Chairman, and I attended a meeting of the newly formed Brighton & Hove Transport Partnership. I had been invited by Councillor Geoffrey Theobald to join the TP to represent the interests of the PPP. Several people attended, representing various interests – a Sussex Police officer, Roger French of the Brighton & Hove Bus Company, a Car Club owner, and various councillors.

The city’s needs relating to transport have to be brought up to the standards required by the Government. The aim of the TP is to achieve these standards by collating and using information from various partnerships and independent organisations. There will be concerns regarding the loss of parking bays that are being removed to make spaces to park the Car Club cars in Brighton. A recent publication suggests that nearly 1000 cars have been removed from the roads since the Car Clubs have been operating. I find this hard to believe as it would have reduced the waiting list for parking permits by the same amount, which I know not to be the case. It is more likely that people who could not afford a car in the first place are responsible for most of the hiring.

If you have queries or concerns with regard to any other matter I will do my best to answer your query. Please contact me on 07768 002328 between 11am and 6pm, or email me: Steve@system-electronics.freeserve.co.uk

Steve Percy, (chairman) People’s Parking Protest

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