The Whistler – December 2009

Seven Dials
Seven Dials - Photograph by Pee Gee


The last decade in West Hill has been one of change but also constancy. Pam Bean continues to hold Grand Sales, which not only raise funds for the Association but bring people together and the helpers’ joie de vivre inspires others to lend a hand. David Perrett, after 11 years, still finds new questions with which to baffle the aficionados of the WHCA quiz, held on the last Tuesday of the month. A fun evening rather than a trial of intellect, very often breaking out into community singing, that is, on occasion, tuneful.

The greatest success story since Sylvia rescued the Hall from demolition is the Music Club run by Lianne Hall at the weekends, which has put the Hall on the international venue map. Members continue to express their regret that the escalating price of film hire caused the Film Society to shut down after three seasons of extraordinary and unusual showings of classic films, accompanied by detailed and well-researched notes. The Hall, the 16mm projector, the membership list and £100 donated by Steve Birch all still belong to the Association should anyone have any ideas to revive this enterprising film club.

After last year’s great Christmas party, the ever constant Vinod and Meena are thinking about organising another one, to co-incide with Bright News’ 25th Anniversary. Details have yet to be finalised.

In 2010 take the opportunity to meet and greet your neighbours. Communities are good for the spirit. Happy New Decade.

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