Happy Birthday to Garden Sharing

The popular Grow Your Neighbour’s Own garden share scheme celebrates its first year of running. The scheme matches people who don’t have space but would like to grow their own food, with other residents who have gardens but aren’t able to, or interested in, growing food. In doing so the scheme brings underused and neglected gardens into productive cultivation, develops new skills amongst people in the community, and helps gardeners and garden owners share fresh, local food. The scheme has over 90 members and has been busy connecting garden owners and land managers with aspiring gardeners over the last year. It is run by volunteers with a passion for bringing the community together, reducing our carbon footprint, and reviving food growing skills.

With so many people keen to grow food but with nowhere to grow it, Grow Your Neighbour’s Own is appealing for more owners to share their garden with a member of their community. There are all sorts of benefits; making new friends, putting unused land to good use, and sharing the produce being just a few. If anyone has space of any size they would like to share, the scheme would be pleased to hear from you.

For more information about the scheme and to register as a garden owner or gardener, please go to the website:
or call Julie Green on 07796 172196 / 01273 735795

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