Letters to the Whistler

Dear Editor
I would like to know if anyone who reads the super The Whistler (which I do) could help me.

I would like to know how many grandparents out there are denied access to their grandchildren for either a breakup in the family or any other reason. My husband and I have had to go through this, with expensive court case, have got access now but the mental strain is very hard. If you could contact me, would love to set up a tea or coffee morning with maybe some publicity to let people know what we go through.

My name is Celia Steer, Flat D, 41 Buckingham Place, Brighton.
Phone no 01273-776337 or email at Silverboots3@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you.

Celia Steer, Buckingham Place

Dear Residents of West Hill
Late last year I attended a meeting with the Parking Services team and the Assistant Sustainable Transport Director, Mark Prior at Hove Town Hall. I was given a parking report that contains the end-of-year summaries for all the income from various sectors including permits, parking tickets, parking vouchers etc. This information will be very useful to us when trying to understand where and how improvements can be made within the system.

I spent a couple of hours putting proposals to the parking team about issues that you have raised, some of which were re-instating some single yellow lines to ease evening parking, free parking on Sundays in some areas and free Christmas and bank holidays. I also requested that Traffic Enforcement Officers continue to check resident bays until 8pm as complaints are now quite common that permit bays are often used by non-permit holders after 7pm. As the bays are enforceable until 8pm they should be checked until that time.

A new problem has occurred since the new rules were introduced to allow residents with driveways to park across them but are able to ask that other users do not. When the legislation was introduced I told the Council that this would appear to be illegal and unenforceable. The bay outer marking lines have been allowed to run the full length of the parking area. This means that when residents park outside their own driveway, they should display a parking voucher on their vehicle. At the moment, due to the lack of clarification via the confusing road markings, and the apparent lack of knowledge of the Traffic Enforcement Officers, residents are furious. We are dealing with the matter and hope to have it resolved soon.

As a member of the B&H Transport Partnership I see the various proposals suggested to ease the traffic flow in and around the town. The biggest problem I see is the strong opposition to the motor car. It seems that the majority of the members would like to see the car banned from the town and make room for more bicycle lanes, bus lanes and more areas for pedestrians. This may be fine in the distant future but at the moment I do not think that any major change is possible. Please contact me with you queries and problems via our new email address theppp@gmx.com or phone me on 07768 002328 between 11am and 6pm.

Steve Percy, (chairman) Peoples Parking Protest

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