The Whistler – January 2010

West Hill N-ice Man - Photo by Mark Baynes
West Hill N-ice Man - Photo by Mark Baynes


As the rest of the country shivered in December and January, community spirit warmed the residents of West Hill. Despite the weather conditions, a great number of people turned out to celebrate the holidays at the Christmas Party and the Carol Concert in West Hill Hall. This same community spirit led to innovative fun on January 9 when the icy slopes of West Hill Road became a tea-tray run for a number of neighbours and their hardy little ones, turning snowy adversity into a pleasurable event, having sealed the bottom of the hill with a barrier to prevent cars spoiling the fun (they weren’t attempting to venture up there any way).

Congratulations to Vinod and Meena of Bright News, who celebrate their 25th year of serving West Hill. Their never-failing value to the community was demonstrated as Vinod battled indefatigably through the snow and ice-clad roads, starting off from his home at 6am for the one hour journey to the shop, a drive which usually takes him 10 minutes. While the Co-op shelves ran short of vital supplies, Vinod managed to ensure continuity of supply, and the ever-cheerful James continued to provide freshly baked bread and personal food deliveries to those more vulnerable residents who could not venture out in the treacherous conditions.

Aren’t we lucky to live in such a great community? Let’s hear it for our West Hill heroes. To those of our many readers outside the area – may you have as much good fortune where you live.

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