City Park used to Grow Vegetables

Everyone’s talking about growing your own veg these days: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on TV, countless articles in newspapers and magazines and all the people signing up to allotment waiting lists around the country. There’s a huge renewed interest in growing but many people still feel they lack the space or just haven’t got round to giving it a try. A new initiative in Brighton and Hove aims to get more local residents growing by showing what is possible right on their doorstep.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership’s Harvest project has been working with the City Council to start a demonstration fruit and vegetable garden in Preston Park. The garden will be visible and open to the public and packed with colour, textures, scent and taste. It will be five metres by five metres with raised beds and containers showing different planting styles. As well as operating as a resource for existing and new growers, it will attract and introduce people to the idea of growing food and show the possibilities of growing your own produce, even in a small space. Local people will help setup the garden, manage it and take home some of the harvest.

“Local residents and park users have told us they are looking forward to seeing vegetables growing in the park and we have already had a number of volunteer gardeners come forward,” said Vic Else, Director of the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

If you would like to volunteer and/or have tools that you can donate to the project please get in touch either by telephone 01273 431700 or email’’  

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