Healthier Chocolare for Easter

Raw Chocolate
Raw Chocolate
Why not try a healthier type of chocolate this Easter? We all know that dark chocolate is better for us than milk chocolate, and now there is an even better alternative – raw chocolate. How does raw chocolate differ from other types of chocolate? Well, raw chocolate isn’t processed above 40 °C and this retains even more of its therapeutic antioxidant properties than other chocolate.

The chocolate has a rich and intense flavour with a naturally soft texture because it is dairy, sugar and additive free. Raw chocolate is suitable for anyone wishing to supplement their diet with a high antioxidant treat and is ideal for diabetics and vegans. If you currently eat milk chocolate then your palate may take a little time to adjust at first. The reason being that milk chocolate is loaded with sugar, milk and various vegetables fats making it very economical to produce and highly addictive. Dark chocolate and raw chocolate are an ideal ‘chocolate fix’ as a couple of squares is generally enough to cure the need for something sweet.

Here are three good health reasons to try raw chocolate:

1. Part of a healthy diet: Raw chocolate contains high antioxidant levels. It is free from milk, trans fats and additives and doesn’t contain processed sugar, therefore it won’t send your blood sugar off the scale.

2. Heart Health: Cocoa flavonoids, a group of antioxidants, have been reported to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease having a cardio protective effect.

3. Mood food: Chocolate contains the neurotransmitters anandamide and phenythylamine (PEA). These raise the levels of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Including sources of anandamide and PEA in your diet increases your ability to: focus, pay attention, stay alert and active, and relieves pain.

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