In Celebration of the Bard


Lee Town of Brighton & Sussex Equity branch arranged a wonderful evening at the Shakespeare’s Head pub in Spring Street to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday.

We were welcomed by a jovial landlord to an upstairs room, where Lee had thoughtfully laid on waitress service so the evening went with a swing and interruptions were kept to the minimum. No-one went thirsty. Thankfully, the young girl lacked the charms of Doll Tearsheet. The organisation of the proceedings was immaculate and teams played under names The Rose, The Curtain, The Globe and The Bear. The questions were exacting, fair, and interesting, whether you knew the answers or not. For example, “To where was Romeo banished?” “Who was Maria destined to marry at the end of Twelfth Night”? “Which play starts with a sonnet?” A great deal of thought had gone into the questions and how they were addressed to each team in turn and thrown open to the floor if no answer was forthcoming.

A Grand Success. A Happy Birthday, even though The Whistler editorial team, The Bear, came last.

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