Letter to The Whistler

Dear Editor
After reading the letter by Celia Steer (The Whistler Feb/Mar) regarding the mental strain her and her husband went through to gain access to their grandchildren, I wondered if the community would be interested in a free introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping. Last summer I spent a lot of time on Brighton seafront tapping people for a whole host of issues and you can see videos here www.tappingguru.com which, if you have not encountered EFT before, should show you the use that it can be put to. If you think this could be useful, I’d happily donate a few hours of my time to show people how it works. It’s quick and simple to learn and will give  a life time of benefits.
Ivan Clements, EFT and Emotion Code Practitioner, 32 Montpelier Crescent

If you would like to join Ivan, then the WHCA will set up an afternoon or evening session at West Hill Hall with him. Please write to us as whwhistler@aol.com so we can gauge the interest in Ivan’s offer and at the same time let us know the nature of your problem, eg phobia, muscle/joint pain, trauma etc then Ivan can be prepared to deal with those at the session – Ed.

Dear Residents of West Hill

I am still receiving complaints about selfish parking. One suggestion is to leave a note on the offending vehicle, asking the driver to give more consideration to other users of the parking bays and make them aware if it happens to them when searching for a space late at night they will understand how it feels.

The matter of the large black waste bins being parked on the pavements and parking bays has provoked a few people. It has become obvious that without the bin having its own marked area, it is a licence to place it wherever the operator decides. I have spoken to the Council about this and I am told that City Clean can place them wherever they please. The pavement is considered to be part of the highway but if you park on the pavement you could be fined. The matter of the dropped kerbs in Wilbury Avenue and other roads is still a cause for concern. It appears that the Council do not intend to put matters right by removing the white guidance lines and replacing them with double yellow lines. This means that the owners of property with off-street parking access have no legal right to that access. [A candidate for the Kafka Club? – Ed].

Please contact me with your queries and problems via our new email address theppp@gmx.com or call me on 07768 002328 between 11am and 6pm.
Steve Percy, (chairman) PPP

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