The Two Mongoleers

Car handoverIn January we reported the story of Seven Dialler Laura Over and her friend Paul Evans, who will be attempting to drive over a third of the way around the world from Brighton to the capital of Mongolia as part of the Mongol Rally 2010. Since then it’s been a cracking few months for The Two Mongoleers who have worked hard to make headway towards their summer adventure. They have located a car which was kindly donated by Jefferies Farm – Unbeatablecar (the South’s largest new and used car retailer, located in Crawley). It’s been a tough search finding a vehicle up to the task and which fits in with the rally rules which state the car must be under a 1.2 litre. 

Laura says, “We are so grateful to Jefferies Farm for their support. We’re hopeful the little blue 1 litre Polo will do us proud. We’ve undertaken an intensive mechanics course so we can try to come to its aid when it’s choked with sand in the desert! We’ve been extremely busy fundraising, arranging visas, injections, equipment, first-aid courses. Each team also plans their own route and there is absolutely no back-up or support team to call upon if we get into trouble, so it is quite an undertaking.”

The Two Mongoleers are using this challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK, The Neurofibromatosis Association and The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. So far they have raised approximately £700 towards their target of £2,000. The Rally starts at Goodwood on 24th July. It’s a free event and all are welcome. We certainly wish them the best of luck on their travels.

For more information on their rally madness, to add a donation or to help with vital equipment (which will get donated to charity at the end of the Rally) check their website

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