The Whistler – June 2010

Brighton Marathon 2010
Brighton Marathon 2010

West Hill AGM

At a densely-packed Annual General Meeting of the WHCA held at the West Hill Hall 27 April, members were asked to adopt the accounts which had been kept by Sylvia Alexander-Vine, and audited by our regular auditor. The committee stood down and were re-elected en bloc.

It was reported by Lianne that the window frames were seriously in need of attention and she had obtained some quotes for this work. Other necessary repairs were noted, in particular the damp in the office and the cabinets in the kitchen.

It was reported that the Hall now has a licence for civil ceremonies to be performed. The first couple to be married at the Hall paid for this licence as a donation to the community. It stands for 3 years and then may be renewed.

The Music Club continues to thrive and to give the Hall international recognition, even though there have been fewer events recently. There is a proposal to start a film club in the coming months. Let The Whistler know of your interest. Delicious refreshments were served. The evening was completed with an expert and interesting quiz set by David Perrett.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Pam Bean, our Honourary Treasurer and founder of the West Hill Community Association, on May 13 2010. We will write more of this in the next edition.

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