How Slow is Slow?

There are moves afoot to apply 20mph zones to all streets except the main corridors. Some political parties are supporting the idea with the view that it will help to prevent accidents, while others argue that it will create problems from increased pollution. It’s bound to lead to increased levels of pollution, due to most cars being unable to drive in top gear whilst travelling at 20mph or less.

I tested out my own vehicle driving at 30mph and the rev counter showed 1400. At the lower road speed of 20mph in 3rd gear the rev counter showed 1400 also, thus proving the point of increased pollution as the vehicle takes half as long again to travel the same distance, thereby increasing the pollution by 50%.
A 20mph sign does nothing to actually reduce speed; it relies purely on the motorist to slow down. The more positive way to reduce speed in the smaller streets is to install humps. Of course, this works but is very expensive and most uncomfortable to drive over. On the other hand, how do you enforce signs unless you use cameras to measure and photograph vehicles? Again, very expensive and not really practical.

Reducing the amount of cars helps to solve both problems until you consider the alternative means of transport. The buses do not cover the needs of everybody’s journeys and if you were to remove the 30,000-odd motorists from this City you would need at least 1000 extra buses. Also, extra home shopping delivery vehicles etc. Back comes the pollution (unless all vehicles are low emission type). This complex problem is not going to be solved easily or cheaply. Please contact me with you queries and problems via our email address or telephone me on 07768 002328 between 11am and 6pm.

Steve Percy, (chairman) Peoples Parking Protest

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