The Whistler – August 2010

Pam Bean
Pam Bean 1922 - 2010 Sad to have lost, glad to have known

No Contest

From the time I moved into the Community 18 years ago, I was aware of a dynamic figure. A slight, but vigorous, woman who moved like a streak of greased lightning along the streets of West Hill. And then it was her conversation which fascinated, well-read and travelled, she contributed points of interest to any chat.

The lasting remembrance in my garden is how she helped to rid my lawn of rambling buttercup. Sitting quietly one day having a cup of tea, she suddenly leapt to her feet and systematically and energetically dug over a postage stamp of grass in my garden, where the damned weed had taken over. “You’ve got to get the whole root”. It was no contest. Pam identified and uprooted the invaders and only sat down again when she was satisfied they were vanquished. Hurrah for Pamela Bean.

Sylvia Alexander-Vine

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