Welcome to Fogg’s

Phileas FoggGrace Fogg has lived and worked in Brighton for 10 years in the restaurant and pub trade and always wondered where to go for a drink. Since living in the West Hill area for the last 5 years, she’s missed having a truly ‘local pub’. With a name like Fogg her adventurous spirit was stirred, and as she promised herself that she would be self-employed by the time she was 30, she’s just about scraped to that finishing line by opening her very own pub at the Seven Dials, called Fogg’s.

We’re sure she’s going to make a great success of it – there’s been many an establishment on the corner of Dyke Road and Bath Street over the years, but Grace tells The Whistler that she’s here to stay. She’ll be opening a kitchen towards the end of the year but in the meantime she’s serving pizza snacks with the beer and cocktails. There’s a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights and a reggae band on Sunday afternoons. She’s independent by nature and independent in her business, but she’s offering a warm welcome to visitors and residents of the Seven Dials and West Hill. We wish her all good luck in her adventure.

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