Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor
I’ve seen some correspondence in The Whistler recently about the heartbreak that grandparents suffer when they are denied contact with their grandchildren. Readers may like to know about BeGrand.net a new website for grandparents, which can offer support.

It has information and advice on a whole host of topics, from the serious issues like denied contact through to helping children to learn at home and fun activities that grandparents and children can do together. The website contains expert advice on caring for children and keeping them safe, as well as guidance on everyday issues around growing up, and there are confidential online advisers trained to deal with legal and social issues. Most importantly, it is a place for grandparents to talk to each other about the issues that matter. If any grandparents in the area need any support on any aspect of grandparenting, they’ll find help at www.begrand.net
Julia Shipston

Dear Readers
The new extension to Area ‘H’ has created problems for various businesses and, most of all, for Mac’s Café in Arundel Road. The Council did not include any exclusive pay and display bays, only shared bays or permit only. This is causing a great problem when trying to park and visit the café or shops in the area. I have presented a petition to ask the Council to correct this oversight, and that a 1 hour tariff be included rather than just half and two hour charges.

I am pleased to see that the Council has created some pamphlets to advise on various parking regulations and how the system works generally, something I asked to be done last year. It appears that the proposed 20mph zones are not going to be implemented, mainly due to lack of funding. It is interesting to note that although Lewes has allowed 20mph zones to be created it also does not have the funding to install them. In fact, it was suggested that if the residents and businesses of Lewes are determined to have them they would have to supply the funding themselves. I do not think that the residents and businesses of Brighton and Hove will be prepared to do the same. Please contact me with your queries and problems at our email address, theppp@gmx.com or phone me on 07768 002328 between 11am and 6pm.
Steve Percy, (chairman) Peoples Parking Protest

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