Month: October 2010

Season Affective Disorder (S.A.D)

Have you noticed the nights drawing in and the autumn chill in the air? For those who are prone to the winter blues, autumn often marks the beginning of changes in appetite, mood and energy levels. Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D) – myth or reality? Most definitely reality, so if […]

Risky Business Part 2

Well, here we are, Autumn is upon us, and we haven’t had a heat-wave since before the school holidays began: it must be time for an ‘Indian Summer’ now! Since my last piece, the markets have acted in a typically volatile fashion, yet have ended up pretty much […]

Philip Reddaway

Pleasing the Emperor

There cannot be many wine lovers who aren’t aware of the phenomenon that is Robert Parker, the American wine critic. For nearly 30 years controversy has raged around this man who, it is said, “makes and breaks the market” for fine wines. The pro-school point to his independence […]

Bonjour Breakfast selection

Bonjour Breakfast

Imagine a large, strong, white cardboard box full of fresh croissants and different jams, pastries, porridge and napkins, tied with a beautiful blue satin ribbon arriving on your doorstep on a SAD autumn morning; but this one is carried by a cheerful young lady with a lovely smile […]