Month: December 2010


Dear Editor I am very interested in contacting Graham Miles, [featured in the Oct/Nov edition]. My 21 year old son, Sam, has been told he is paralysed. I read about Graham six weeks ago when my son became ill. I learnt that Graham had started his recovery by concentrating on his […]

Kevin Freeman

Spotted Near The Dials

I met Kevin Freeman at the Brighton & Hove Business Speed Networking show mentioned in the Oct/Nov edition and there was something about this stylish and gentle man that I wanted to find out more about. Kevin is the creative powerhouse behind Renaissance Design, a truly multi-talented Renaissance […]

Brighton COW

We are two Brighton-based English writers, who live in Centurion Road and Montpelier Terrace. We have recently set up our own website, called the Brighton COW, (Community of Writers). We are aiming to promote new writers and writing through a range of competitions. We will run four short […]

Last Census in 2011

In 1798 demographer Thomas Malthus, published his essay on the ‘principle of population’. Malthus caused great concern by suggesting that population growth would soon outstrip supplies of food and other resources. Unable to support itself, Britain would be hit by famine, disease and other disasters. Concerned at this […]