Dear Editor

I am very interested in contacting Graham Miles, [featured in the Oct/Nov edition]. My 21 year old son, Sam, has been told he is paralysed. I read about Graham six weeks ago when my son became ill. I learnt that Graham had started his recovery by concentrating on his breathing. So, even though Sam was asleep most of the time, I told him to breathe.  He is still on the ventilator but is being weaned off slowly and the medical staff are very pleased with him. If you are in contact with Graham, please could you pass my details on to him?
Veronica Guilfoyle, Yorkshire

[Happily, we were able to put Veronica in touch with Graham, and many other people asked us for some more information about Graham, so we asked him to tell us a little bit more about himself – Ed]

Dear Editor
I am/was a physicist, engineer, quality and procedural expert and writer. During the past few years I have written some forty poems [see one of them on page 9 – Ed]. Since I achieved my racing licence, five years after leaving hospital following locked-in syndrome, I have entered the Brighton National Speed Trials every year since 2000. This event is run as a quarter mile sprint along the sea front on Madeira Drive and, except for the two world wars and the fuel crisis, has taken place every year since 1905, making it the longest-running motorsports event in the world. It is organised by the Brighton & Hove Motor Club and is sponsored by Frosts. I was secretary of the club until 2009. My son and I usually enter the event with two cars, a Jaguar E-type and a Sierra 4×4 twin turbo-charged race car. It takes place every second Saturday in September and there are always unusual vehicles to be seen in the paddock which is open to the public. Your readers should come along next year!
Graham Miles, Albert Road

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