Brighton Town

If you’re a taxi, bus or bike,
Go where you want, do what you like;
But in a car or drive a truck,
Sorry boy, you’re out of luck.

National Car Parks rule the day,
It’s profit now and you will pay.
Traffic wardens are the law,
They’ll make you pay and pay some more.

Disabled Driver with a badge?
We’re after you, you’re on the cadge;
No allowance, be one of us
Ditch the car, get on the bus.

Cannot walk? Then stay at home,
Use the web, or use the phone.
Disabled spaces? Don’t be funny,
It’s parking permits, or we lose money.

The Council is making no provision,
Living here was your decision.
The Council does what it wants to do,
But it won’t help me and it won’t help you.

And when the Council gets it right,
A cyclist will stop at a traffic light.
I guess that one could also say,
That pigs will fly upon that day.

Graham Miles

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