How To Have A Better Christmas

Local not-for-profit organisation Life² suggests that a better Christmas means spending less money, and doing more of the things that really matter to us. It is launching a one-day course and free booklet to help people have a happier and more meaningful Christmas.

These initiatives have come at an ideal time, with many UK households coping with rising levels of debt, while dealing with the increase in unemployment within the labour market.

On Saturday 27th November, Life² hosted a special one day workshop on ‘How to have a better Xmas’, in the Lewes Arms pub in Lewes. The workshop helped participants to explore their personal values and ideas of Christmas. The Life² courses are based on further developing upon the established ideas based within the website, such as reflection, compassion, relaxation, fun and sustainability. The one day workshops are designed to give participants an enjoyable and holistic experience, which in this event meant embedding the meaningful values of Christmas within their values.

Life² Director, Richard Docwra, said, ‘The event wasn’t about restoring more religious meaning to Xmas – it’s about remembering what’s important, in both Christmas and life generally. We aim to provide relaxing and enjoyable days out for people, while helping them explore the things that really matter to them. By helping participants to develop their own individual plan, we can help people identify how to make this Christmas, or life in general, more meaningful and memorable.’

For a taster of what happened at the event, check out the delightful publication titled ‘Xmas² – how to have a better Xmas’, which can be downloaded for free on the Life² website. The guide includes a range of ideas and practical tips on how people can have a truly memorable Christmas – one with less stress, debt and waste. It is one of many fantastic guides on offer which have been winning plaudits from the likes of Stephen Fry and Jonathan Porritt. Other booklets cover a wide range of critical topics, which will help you live a happier, wiser and more meaningful life within the pressure and complexity of the modern world.

Visit for more details of the event and ideas on how to live well within the pressure and complexity of the modern world. To get the latest information follow Life_Squared on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

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