The Whistler – December 2010

Santa's Tickly Tale


Last year’s editorial, on the brink of a new decade, looked back on the previous decade as one of change but also as one of consistency. We looked forward to more of Pam Bean’s sales but now, sadly, they will be one of the many memories we have of her.

The Whistler has been published by the WHCA for more than 30 years and we’d like to keep it going for many more decades. It’s delivered free to households, libraries and businesses as well as being online with some different articles. The print and distribution costs are covered by adverts, and we have many regular contributors. We’re always looking for new ideas and new writers – particularly someone to take over the long-running Gossips & Grumbles column. We’d like to hear what you think about The Whistler – tell us what you want to read and, better still, send us your letters and contributions.

The West Hill Action Team, a Council initiative for local action, held three meetings in 2010, the last one in November in the West Hill Hall. The priorities for action from those meetings were more info about local services, dog fouling, graffiti and speeding. Let us know what your priorities are.

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