Planting Wild Flowers

St Nicholas Churchyard
Sun 13th March 11am – 2pm

HarebellWith Dominic, the Park Ranger.

We will have tools and gloves and over 500 plants … ox eye daisy, calamint, evening primrose, foxglove, field scabious, greater celandine, cowslip, mullein, moth mullein, bladder campion, red campion, fox and cubs, marjoram, small scabious, lesser knapweed, goatsbeard, birds foot trefoil, harebell, wild carrot, red valerian…

Let’s turn the churchyard into a wildflower haven!

The Whistler February 2011

What Makes You Tick?
Image courtesy of Brighton Science Festival 13 February - 6 March 2011

What Makes You Tick?

This question is particularly directed to the person or persons who stole the stone lions which guarded 18 West Hill Street, which were so beloved of its late resident, Pam Bean. This act of vandalism and mean-spiritedness is in stark contrast to acts of community spirit that, thank goodness, still abound. Again, Vinod Mashru and Bright News staff came to the rescue of your editor, Sylvia, when she was incarcerated indoors for over a week on account of the excessive snowfall in December. With a rapid response system they rushed up the hill with necessities, eg batteries one day, bottle of wine the next. How convenient to have a local convenience store right on our doorstep.

Talking of convenience, look out for the newly installed PayPoint terminal in Bright News over the next few weeks, which will allow customers to make payments to settle their gas, electricity or water bills, or to pay for their TV licence, Council Tax or to top-up pay-as-you-go mobile phones.

Over 60 hardy residents also braved the weather to attend the Community Christmas Carol Concert at the West Hill Hall. They gathered in the candlelight around the piano and Bela Emerson was there with her cello.

The sun is battling to shine amid these dark and bitterly cold days, long may it continue into the new year. We wish you a great year ahead. Find out what makes you tick at the Brighton Science Festival, 13 Feb – 6 March and to the lion thief, think about doing the right thing and return the lions to their rightful place.

Spotted Round The Dials

Lianne Hall, who runs the Music Club at West Hill Hall and deals with all the bookings, is warmly welcomed back to Seven Dials after a 3 month writer-in-residency at an Arts Centre in Germany.

Bay TreeRichard Ford, an ex-postie who used to live in Centurion Road and who normally delivers The Whistler, has been ill for the past few months so we’ve had a series of other helpers braving all weathers to deliver the paper to our readers, including your editor, Colette. On one of her rounds, she spotted this amazing bay tree in Clifton Street, along with many other exotic trees which grace the gardens in the road. If you’re the owner of this magnificent beast do drop us a line and tell us how long you’ve been growing it.

Last edition we wrote about Kevin Freeman’s designs for Santa’s Tickly Tale at the Imabic Arts Theatre. The show went really well, great review in The Argus and on and the weekend matinees were sell-outs.

Parking Update

Steve Percy has been working hard on our behalf for the last 9 years. He’s on the Transport Committee now and is able to question, and sometimes, effect change about traffic problems. Steve refers to the Brighton Station Gateway project which will affect traffic flow in this area, and will soon be made public when all comments and suggestions will be considered by the Council’s team. Terminus Road may be one way going north. Buckingham Road may also become one way. Steve wants to know the public feeling so that he may represent arguments to the Council. Signs and lines are a big issue at the moment and Steve urges you to report incorrect signage and faint lines either to him or directly to the Council.
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Brighton Life

Sirena Bergman
Sirena Bergman

It’s that time of the year again. There’s not a lot going on (except in your bank account, where the numbers are relentlessly getting lower and lower), and everyone is sitting at home, wondering whether it’s worth buying another pair of winter boots in the sale, as last year’s seem to be leaking snow into your frozen toes every time you leave the house.

Even the news isn’t giving us much. Yes, there’s the odd Tory politician who says something unbearably stupid – which makes a headline. There’s the inevitable babble of celebrities caught up in sordid affairs; and I’ll predict a natural disaster sometime soon, too. They conveniently appear when there’s nothing else for jaded hacks to be writing about. Except a recent event has indeed caused a ripple through the air. Kenneth Tong, some obscure minor celebrity who no one had heard of until recently, took it upon himself to create a Twitter account for the sole purpose of convincing girls they should be anorexic. Not men though – they don’t need to be a size zero, they only need to be rich.
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