Month: February 2011


Planting Wild Flowers

St Nicholas Churchyard Sun 13th March 11am – 2pm With Dominic, the Park Ranger. We will have tools and gloves and over 500 plants … ox eye daisy, calamint, evening primrose, foxglove, field scabious, greater celandine, cowslip, mullein, moth mullein, bladder campion, red campion, fox and cubs, marjoram, […]

Parking Update

Steve Percy has been working hard on our behalf for the last 9 years. He’s on the Transport Committee now and is able to question, and sometimes, effect change about traffic problems. Steve refers to the Brighton Station Gateway project which will affect traffic flow in this area, […]

Brighton Life

It’s that time of the year again. There’s not a lot going on (except in your bank account, where the numbers are relentlessly getting lower and lower), and everyone is sitting at home, wondering whether it’s worth buying another pair of winter boots in the sale, as last […]