Does Your Pet Suffer From Skin Problems?

Cat and DogIf your pet is constantly scratching his or her skin and is uncomfortable because of a skin problem, you may like to consider a safe, natural way to help. Licensed Veterinary Herbal Medicines have proved to be particularly effective in controlling non-specific skin conditions by dealing holistically with the problem.

However, it is important to try to deal with the cause of the problem and this can often be the diet or an underlying digestive problem. It is advisable to avoid high protein foods, red meats, vitamin and mineral supplements and foods containing colouring and flavouring agents. All of these have been found to be responsible for an allergic reaction in some animals. The most common forms of skin problems are dermatitis, eczema and pyoderma. The symptoms are typically inflamed hot skin, itchiness and hair loss resulting from scratching.

To treat the condition, the herbs Garlic and Fenugreek are given to deal with any minor infections alongside Mixed Vegetable tablets, containing watercress, celery seed, horseradish, parsley and celery plant to relieve the irritation and cool the skin. Such a treatment should be continued for at least a month, reducing to a lower maintenance dose as the condition improves. Evening Primrose Oil is excellent for skin problems and should be given alongside the herbal medicine to encourage coat regrowth and continued afterwards to help maintain healthy skin. Comfrey & Calendula Balm soothes dry, sore, scaly or damaged skin during the treatment.

For cats and dogs, who have a susceptibility to skin problems of this kind, it is advisable to keep to a chicken and fish diet to reduce the likelihood of the condition recurring. If hair loss has occurred as a result of scratching, this can be improved by giving Kelp to encourage good coat growth, but this should only be given after all irritation has subsided. Regular shampooing can make the skin more sensitive and so, unless advised by your veterinary surgeon, don’t bathe an animal with a skin condition more often than is necessary. When the condition has improved, a gentle shampoo such as Pennyroyal Shampoo can be used to cleanse the skin and coat.

Re-balancing your pet’s gut flora by giving a therapeutic strength probiotic helps to improve skin condition as well as enhancing the immune system. If your pet has ever had antibiotics, it would certainly be worthwhile giving the probiotic daily in the food for a full course. Pets often inherit a poor gut flora from a mother with digestive problems. It can therefore be very beneficial to the pet to have its gut flora rebalanced through taking the probiotic, particularly if your pet suffers bloating or a lot of wind.

This natural approach to skin problems can be very effective and lead to a happier, healthier life for your pet. All these safe and natural products can be purchased online at

Deborah Grant BSc (Hons) Herb. Med.
Consultant Medical Herbalist

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