Planting Wild Flowers

St Nicholas Churchyard
Sun 13th March 11am – 2pm

HarebellWith Dominic, the Park Ranger.

We will have tools and gloves and over 500 plants … ox eye daisy, calamint, evening primrose, foxglove, field scabious, greater celandine, cowslip, mullein, moth mullein, bladder campion, red campion, fox and cubs, marjoram, small scabious, lesser knapweed, goatsbeard, birds foot trefoil, harebell, wild carrot, red valerian…

Let’s turn the churchyard into a wildflower haven!

One thought on “Planting Wild Flowers”

  1. Thanks so much to everyone who turned up to help on a misty, murky morning!
    We had so many volunteers that all the 500 plants were in the ground by 12.30

    Sorry to disappoint those who came along later on and found nothing left to do.
    If you would like to be kept informed of future planting events, please contact

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