Day: March 18, 2011

Pension joke

No Give-aways this Time

One of the joys of being an Independent Financial Adviser, (and writing a column, such as this) is having to foretell the future. Luckily, having a vaguely psychic ancestor, I am well equipped to deal with such matters. I should say that I am referring to the 2011 […]

Avoiding Scams

No one likes to feel that they have wasted or, even worse, been conned out of their money. Unfortunately, there are plenty of situations in which you can be acting in good faith and suddenly find you’ve come off worse from a transaction. We use the word ‘scam’ […]

Sidi Brahim wine

Wine from a Muslim Country

Just returned from our first visit to Morocco. What a fabulous country, we enjoyed every minute of our stay in Marrakech. The generous, kind people we met; the lively street life; the tranquility of our Riad; the delicious tagines and the walks in the foothills of the Atlas […]