Day: May 23, 2011

Happy and Glorious

The Whistler – June 2011

Master Class The West Hill Road Street Party on 29 April 2011 was a masterclass of organisation and bonhomie. Step forward the organisers to take a bow: Alexa de Castillo, Jake Smith, Joelle, Manuel Tavarez who made THE cake (see pictures opposite), Daniel Bernstein & Charlotte, Dan Karen, […]

Strange Interlude

Brighton resident, Peter Batten, writes about another time, another place… In the spring of 1952 the normal progression of my life was interrupted. I had just secured a place at University, so I decided to leave school and begin my two years of National Service. I was enrolled […]

Couture Brighton

Couture Brighton

1 June – 3 July 2011 Art and fashion collide in a glittering display of luxurious opulence. Using the city as a source of inspiration, some of Brighton’s best known and dynamic fashion designers have worked in collaboration to produce nine new gowns that demonstrate the skill, opulence and art of the Couturier. The […]

Film Acting Classes

Studio 111 comes to Brighton

Studio 111 was created by British actress, director and teacher Sally Spencer-Harris after noticing the need for an intensive, part-time Screen Acting School in Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland is a ‘Screen Based’ City. There is not so much theatre there so all auditions tend to be filmed and most […]