Parking Update

The long-awaited meeting with the Assistant Director for Transport took place a few weeks ago along with the Permit and Parking Policy Manager. The problem with the dropped kerbs that have parking bays across them was the main point of discussion. The Council has not relented over this matter but is still discussing this with its legal team to establish if it has acted incorrectly. It has taken over a year to set up the meeting, and looks as if this situation is going to drag on for some time. I will pursue this as much as possible within the system and report as and when.

The matter of waste bins is in hand and hopefully the offending bins will be relocated. I have been asked to get a Motorcycle Bay in West Hill converted to residents’ parking due to its lack of use. The Council will have to investigate and decide. Skips being placed in Residents Permit Bays is the latest complaint. Buckingham Road has had two skips on Resident Bays placed in such a way that parking spaces were reduced unnecessarily. When an object, car or a skip is placed half a space in from one end it loses two or more spaces. I will try to establish if this unnecessary placing of skips can be corrected.

The No Waiting areas in the Terminus Road side streets is creating a problem due to lack of enforcement. This, I am told by a senior Traffic Enforcement Officer, is due to the faded chevrons on the pavements as well as the lack of signs. When I enquired about the missing signs he said that there should be signs on both sides of the road as well as the top section which is signed. I am dealing with this matter and hope to resolve it as quickly as possible. The big tree I mentioned last time has been cut down. I will continue to pursue the possibility of a slip road to ease the traffic blocking the Church Street access on our busy summer evenings caused by the heavy traffic leaving the city. Please contact me with regard to any of the above or any queries and problems at our email address or call me on 07768 002328 between 11am & 6pm.

Steve Percy, (Chairman) People’s Parking Protest

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