Recycle for the City

Residents play a crucial part in helping the city recycle waste materials. The council collects glass jars and bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard, paper and cans through its black box scheme, which is used by over 80 per cent of properties across Brighton & Hove.

This year the council would like to recycle even more, but they need your help. There is no limit on their recycling capacity and there big benefits in doing so, not only for the environment, but also in savings to the council taxpayer as it is much cheaper to recycle than to send waste to landfill.

Remember to put out glass items separately to avoid breakages and glass getting mixed up with other recycling. Be aware that the council does not currently collect plastic other than plastic bottles because there is no suitable end market for them.  However, many more materials can be recycled at household waste sites. For comprehensive information, including a video on how to use the black box recycling service and tips on how to reduce your waste, go to

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