The Whistler – June 2011

Happy and Glorious

Happy and Glorious

Master Class

The West Hill Road Street Party on 29 April 2011 was a masterclass of organisation and bonhomie. Step forward the organisers to take a bow: Alexa de Castillo, Jake Smith, Joelle, Manuel Tavarez who made THE cake (see pictures opposite), Daniel Bernstein & Charlotte, Dan Karen, Tui Davenport, Sarah and Will Baker, Julian Musto, Anton, and Ellen Laverty. They and others receive the heart-felt thanks of all those who attended from West Hill Road, West Hill Street and some other nearby roads. It was a great day and the rain came just at the end when it was time to clear and pack up. Yes, there’s nothing these guys can’t organise!

WHCA was represented at the Brighton Station Gateway project design meeting in May, along with representatives from Network Rail, Southern Railway, the council, Queen’s Road traders, taxi and bus companies, the disabled, cyclists, pedestrians, residents and more. Many ideas were put forward, including making the southern approach to Terminus Road accessible only to public transport and residents to allow taxis to queue up the road; closing Trafalgar Street to cars under the bridge to allow it to be widened to create more space in front of the station; locating the bus stops in Surrey Street, moving buses from the south entrance to create clear views of the sea. Some ideas were dropped – including the ones just mentioned – and others will go forward for review, design and feasibility studies before being put out for public consultation later in the year.

It’s a major project and will have a huge effect on the West Hill area and Queen’s Road. Have your say when consultation begins.

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