Month: July 2011

Charles Kempe window in St Nicholas Church

The Whistler – August 2011

At a well-attended Annual General Meeting on 31 May, chaired by Sylvia Alexander-Vine, members heard about the installation of the new stylish windows in the West Hill Hall and the excellent refurbishment of the kitchen and office by Simon Kelly of Sky Dec. All the work has meant […]

Pam's Bench

Pam Bean’s Bench

It is hard to believe that it is over a year since Pam Bean died. She was remembered recently by the Brighton & Hove Organic Gardening Society. Pam was a very keen gardener all through her life. She learned her gardening skills from her mother in Grantham, Lincolnshire. […]

Doris Day


Peter Batten writes about his obsession with jazz… Have you ever been taken over, or possessed, by an obsession? I have. This is my story. The trap was set in a way which I hardly noticed. In my final year at St Olave’s Grammar School in Southwark, my […]

A Midsummer’s Night Madness

On 22 June the Marlborough Theatre was packed on-stage with Brighton Branch Equity members and off-stage with a full house. Carole Bremson had miraculously condensed Shakespeare’s forest scenes, offering a pine-fresh perspective on transformation, displacement, temporary loss of inhibitions in five plays and several sonnets. The sylvan inter-cutting, […]

Sounds Familiar

Running The Whole Gamut of Emotions is an unusual expression used to describe the full emotional range between delirious joy and abject misery. The simple musical explanation for the word ‘gamut’ is that during the 11th Century Guido d’Arezzo used letters of the Greek alphabet for the original […]