The Whistler – August 2011

Charles Kempe window in St Nicholas Church
Charles Kempe window in St Nicholas Church

At a well-attended Annual General Meeting on 31 May, chaired by Sylvia Alexander-Vine, members heard about the installation of the new stylish windows in the West Hill Hall and the excellent refurbishment of the kitchen and office by Simon Kelly of Sky Dec. All the work has meant a big expense, in the region of £16k, which, due to good house-keeping and careful accounting, we had in a CAF bank gold account.

Lianne Hall was thanked for her expert handling of Hall bookings. The Hall has also become a successful Festival venue, with several sold-out performances of Anima by the Karavan Ensemble. Members were given a retrospective of the Hall and The Whistler by Sylvia and were asked to note that WHCA has not received any funds from the Council. Pam Bean was fondly remembered and Gina Dodds and Sue Williams from the Gardening Group reported on the pleasure that the garden surrounding the Hall gives, and requested that any shrub cuttings or over-ordered seeds could be donated to the West Hill Hall garden. Members were invited to pick, with care, the various herbs that are growing there.

The accounts were formally adopted and it was agreed that we should ask Mr Jones to continue his work as our auditor. Sylvia emphasized that Mr Jones checks the accounts but the actual book-keeping and accounting is done by her and that she would welcome some help. Erica McKenzie and Rhonda Gregory promptly and kindly offered their expertise. The full committee, as usual, stood down and were thanked for their service. The Committee was then re-elected en bloc, proposer Jim Gowans, seconder David Perrett.

Sarah Taylor


Building on the success of the West Hill Street Party, more opportunities to meet neighbours and allow children to play safely on the street are planned by Dan Bernstein and co. Residents in other streets may also wish to hold similar events. A long-term aim is for West Hill Road to become ‘pedestrian priority’. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to organise neighbourhood events write to The Whistler and we’ll put you in touch with Dan.

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