Day: July 26, 2011

Friends of St Michael’s

Friends of St Michael’s held another successful dinner on Friday 24 June when 110 guests enjoyed a three course meal in the splendid nave of the church, Saint Michael and All Angels. More fundraising events this year are: Friday 9 September – Ladies’ Lunch at 12.30pm Friday 16 […]

Looking for Answers

As I write this article, the FTSE is a little over 6000, pretty much as it was when I was writing for the last issue of The Whistler. Not that interesting in itself, but having been down by some 400 points in the 2 months between, it shows […]

Boosting Immunity

People often wonder how they can avoid catching colds, flu and other infections, which seem to abound at any time of year. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves sitting in close proximity to someone in the train, who has a streaming cold and is sneezing the virus into the […]

How to Stay Sick

Never walk if you can ride. When the thought of exercise assails you, rest until the impulse passes. Smoke on every occasion. Never leave the table hungry. Use white sugar, white flour. Slobber gobs of butter on everything. Order second helpings. Plan meals to include gooey pastries, plus […]

Pet Dog

Volunteers Needed

There’s a new local voluntary organisation in Sussex that provides temperament-assessed therapy cats and dogs for those in need throughout the county. All our members are volunteers who take their own pets to visit residential care homes, special/mainstream schools, hospitals, hospices and other similar organisations. We are a […]