Black History Month

Black History Month (BHM) happens every year in October. It is a programme of arts and heritage activities put together by members of the local community which aims to educate, highlight and celebrate the achievements, history and culture of people of African and Caribbean descent.

Brighton & Hove Black History Group ( is a small grass roots community organisation with no permanent paid staff whose primary aim is to challenge racism by raising awareness of the multi-cultural history of Brighton and Hove. The programme for the month is put together by a multi-cultural group of artists, community activists and individuals with the support of the Brighton & Hove Black history group. The majority of the group is made up of Black/BME people but they positively welcome all to get involved in the activities. There are regular BHM public meetings and a mailing list open to all. If you would like to get involved contact 

BHM runs from 1 October, and includes music and dance, literary events, poetry, a film festival, the India Gateway Ceremony at the Pavilion, an African breakfast and culminates on 30 October with a grand finale family event at Hove Town Hall from 1pm to 10pm.

See the full BHM programme at

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