Parking woes

Council rules allow the blocking of some driveways. The Road Traffic Act prohibits it. Code 27 can be used by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) as an offence for parking adjacent to a dropped kerb even though the vehicle has paid and displayed. Another code offence 62 prohibits the parking of one or more wheels on the footpath. However, CEOs are instructed that as long as a double buggy can get past the offending vehicle, no offence needs to be logged

The reason for this lack of enforcement in some areas is likely to be the reduction in CEOs by 13% this year and similar cuts in previous years. Some areas are only visited once a day resulting in abuse of the system. Getting on to a residents’ bay after 7pm is almost impossible because of illegally parked vehicles. Areas of enforcement are varied monthly and at different times of the day. Towing of vehicles after midday is now dealt with by a private company, I assume this is operational cost-cutting but it is not necessarily efficient. If a private company has a limited number of vehicles then the towing of a vehicle may be delayed. More patrols are being carried out by cycles and mopeds. To report a problem that requires assistance you can call 0845 603 5469 option 3. The response may take up to 2 hours. I have been informed that one particular area within West Hill was visited 117 times in a month. 48 vehicles logged and 10 PCNs issued.

If you need to contact me with your problems or any queries. please use our email address or telephone me on 07768 002328 between 11am & 6pm.

Steve Percy, (chairman) Peoples Parking Protest

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