Do You Want to Lose Weight?

An increase in weight can often be linked to a digestive system that is out of kilter. My highly successful approach to weight loss for my patients is through treating any imbalance in the digestive system; this approach helps the weight stay off. My treatment for digestive issues was recently featured in The Guardian.

Signs of an imbalance may include weight gain, bloating, sugar-craving, flatulence, anxiety, foggy brain, constipation or diarrhoea, insomnia, indigestion, acid reflux and abdominal discomfort. Non-invasive tests are run in a medical laboratory to ascertain the extent of any imbalance. This enables me to formulate a treatment plan to meet each patient’s unique needs and weight loss wish. Along with herbal medication to address the gut imbalance, I also prescribe Herbal Medicine to help the body shed the weight along with a diet that does not require any weighing of foods, calorie counting or going hungry. In fact, you can eat as much of the diet as you like.

There are a number of medicinal herbs, which are important while you are losing weight, because they help to:

  • Aid weight loss
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve fat burning and the building of lean muscle mass
  • Ensure optimal sugar metabolism thus reducing cravings and fluctuations in energy
  • Improve your overall nutritional status
  • Reduce stress levels

This is a cutting-edge approach to weight loss and helps to ensure that the weight is not put on again as long as the patient maintains a healthy diet. In fact, once patients reach their natural weight, they are provided with a maintenance plan. Herbal medication and supplements cost approx. £30.00 per week. So if you want to lose a few pounds or more, call 01273 561844 for an appointment.

Deborah Grant BSc(Hons)
Consultant Medical Herbalist

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