The Whistler – December 2011

Richard Ford 1954 - 2011

Richard Ford 1954 - 2011

Richard Ford

For a great number of years your Whistler was brought to you by Richard Ford. We attended a celebration of his life on Friday 11/11/11, during which his wife Paula referred to his sartorial taste, which was always relaxed but suited to his nature and activities. I was reminded of some lines from Two Noble Kinsman by Shakespeare and John Fletcher.

‘Tis in our power
(Unless we fear that apes can tutor’s) To be masters of our manners.
What need I affect another’s gait,
Which is not catching where there is faith, or to be fond upon
Another’s way of speech,
When by mine own
I may be reasonably conceived –
saved too,
Speaking it truly? Why am I bound
By any generous bond to follow him
Follows his tailor, haply so long until
The followed makes pursuit?

Richard was a man, master of his own behaviour who shunned fashion and did not take up others’ ways or imitate their behaviour. Speaking truly his own words and thoughts. Paula Ford asked us all to give generously to the Martlets Hospice for how they cared so lovingly for Richard and have supported and will continue to support her.


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