Month: November 2011

Brighton Shambhala Meditation Group

Shambhala Meditation

Meditation is endorsed by scientists, doctors and even governments as a way of helping us live a happier, saner life, and many people are looking for ways that they can learn to practise. In Brighton, the Shambhala meditation group meets every Thursday evening, with free instruction for anyone […]


I attended a Transport Partnership meeting recently and asked that bus lanes be opened for use by cars after the 7pm peak period. This will be discussed at forthcoming meetings. A new group has joined us, the motorcycle group called MAG. They have asked to be able to […]

Blenio wine list

Blenio – the Wine List

Most people who live near Seven Dials will have noticed, or eaten at, Blenio, the restaurant just south of the Dials with exposed brickwork, paintings by local artists, candles everywhere, and white tiled tables in three partly separate ‘rooms’ on a level well above that of the street. […]