Month: March 2012

Parking Update

The Council has gone ahead with the unlimited sale of Trader Permits at nearly double the price. All we get from the Council is that the price increase will reduce traffic, pollution and congestion. What it really means is that workmen will choose to work elsewhere or charge […]

Morris Men

Frederick E Sawyer

Born at 55 Buckingham Road in the summer of 1852, Frederick Ernest Sawyer is now an almost forgotten Brighton resident; but during his life he contributed numerous articles about the history and folklore of Brighton and Sussex. Fred was the son of George Sawyer who, according to the […]

Wild Bill Davison

Remembering Wild Bill

Peter Batten remembers jazz man Wild Bill … Wild Bill who? The name Wild Bill Davison probably means nothing to most readers of The Whistler. If asked to guess they would probably suggest he might be a legendary figure from the Wild West or a friend of the […]