Parking Update

The Council has gone ahead with the unlimited sale of Trader Permits at nearly double the price. All we get from the Council is that the price increase will reduce traffic, pollution and congestion. What it really means is that workmen will choose to work elsewhere or charge customers extra to cover the increase.

I am unable to establish at this time whether the daily waivers are to be abolished sometime in the near future or not. The waivers are more suitable for smaller firms that do not work in the Brighton & Hove area on a regular basis and, in my opinion, should be retained. Paying a yearly fee has to be justified by having a large amount of work in the area on a continual basis. Until the time arrives when buses cater for the carriage of goods, including workmen’s tools and materials, we will need cars and vans to cater for our needs but they should not be used as cash cows for the Council Coffers.

20mph Zones have started to appear in Brighton and are spreading quickly. Whether or not they will be effective remains to be seen.

Please contact me with any queries and problems, email theppp@gmx.com or phone 07768 002328 between 11am and 6pm.

Steve Percy, (chairman) PPP

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