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Brighton & Hove City Council is working to improve Brighton Station as a gateway to the city. This work is in partnership with Network Rail and Southern Railway, who are progressing designs for inside the station itself and looking at the potential for improved cycle facilities. The council’s focus is on ensuring that the streets and spaces around the station create a great experience and sense of arrival for all who use them, and to make the best possible connections between the station and the rest of the city.

Brighton Station is not only a busy transport hub, it provides a first and lasting impression of Brighton & Hove for hundreds of thousands of residents, workers and visitors. The streets and spaces in the gateway area are also important to the people who live and work nearby, whether or not they catch trains.

WHCA was involved with the original consultation as these changes will have a far-reaching impact on the West Hill area – have your say by reviewing and commenting on the options here.

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  1. This is disgusting about the changes to Brighton station. I feel there should be a meeting with the Green party to put forward a petition of everyone who lives in this area that we do not want any changes made. Would willingly put in posters in all doors in the area to let people know of the meeting; bet a lot do not know about changes.

  2. I do disagree with Celia if understand her response correctly. I think that the front of the station is a mess. Taxis have difficulties in waiting for fares at busy times blocking the movement of buses and making it quite unsafe for pedestrians – particularly those who are unfamiliar with the layout of the station. Further the ‘feel’ of that part of Queens Road is not a good advertisement for the city. Changes are desperately needed and so I welcomed the consultation and offered my suggestions.

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