The Whistler – June 2012

Albion Voice

If you Google ‘It’s May, the lusty month of May’ from Camelot, you come across a great number of people taking pleasure in memories of this song. Recently I saw an afternoon repeat of the film of Camelot and I am moved to pay another homage to this year’s Festival Guest Director, Vanessa Redgrave, after we featured her picture on the front page of The Whistler. Her performance in this film and of this song in particular, was most engaging. A consummate artist, she amused us no end with her touching, smiling rendition of this happy song in a fairy-tale and beguiling setting. Thanks for that and thank you for coming to Brighton, to brighten our Festival.

Talking of brightening, May also saw the phenomenon of the super moon, which appeared bigger and brighter than usual as it came closer to the Earth. The phenomenon, known as a perigee full moon, means the Moon appears up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when it is furthest from the planet.

The image on this month’s cover is taken from Bishi’s new album, Albion Voice, released on St George’s Day, timed to coincide with the Jubilee year – it explores themes of Britain ancient and modern, folklore, social politics and cultural mix. You can hear the song on her website – it’s out of this world.


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