The Whistler – August 2012

Pie Mania
Pie Mania at the West Hill Road Street Party

West Hill News

The WHCA AGM was held on 29 May 2012, at which reports were received and the yearly accounts were adopted. All members of the committee stood down, Isla Robertson did not seek re-election and the rest of the committee was re-elected along with its newest member, Colette Wilson. Lianne Hall was thanked for her management of the Hall over the last few years, and although she remains on the Committee, she has handed back Hall hire and caretaking duties to members of the Committee. The Wild Life Garden group continues to make the garden surrounding the Hall flourish.

Jim Gowans was re-appointed as the WHCA representative on the Conservation Advisory Council and he attended the public workshop in June which started discussions on improving the Seven Dials junction for road users and pedestrians. There have been 41 accidents within 100 metres of the Seven Dials over the last 5 years. Jim, as well as Kate Kirkham from West Hill Street, are keen to make residents’ voices heard and will be vigilant in ensuring proper publicity for the rest of the consultation process.

The first part of the Station Gateway consultation process attracted only 1163 responses – and the second round on the actual layout proposals is currently being evaluated. It was not easy to evaluate the pros and cons of the proposed changes from the online process and with so many different interests competing for attention – taxis, buses, residents of the surrounding areas, pedestrians, car users and cyclists – we must hope that an imaginative design can be created to cater for all.

West Hill Road Tarp Party

On 7 July 2012 it rained from the morning through to the evening with hardly a let up. But was the ‘Not the Jubilee West Hill Road Street Party’ in danger of becoming Not the Street Party at all? Not at all – especially when there was plenty of British bulldog spirit and neighbourly bonhomie to ensure the rain did not dampen the proceedings — although it tried, in buckets.

Euphoria Steel Band
The magnificent Euphoria Steel Band play on
A hastily-erected shelter of tarpaulins was improvised and stitched together with bits of old rope attached to parking signs (now, that’s why they’re useful). This allowed the magnificent Euphoria Steel band to entertain the covered crowd with some wonderful numbers and the music conjured up a picture of sunny Caribbean weather which was all too far away. They played Chariots of Fire in preparation for the occasion when they accompanied the Olympic Torch relay through Brighton and warmed everyone up with their enthusiasm. Continue reading West Hill Road Tarp Party

Online resource for the disabled

A web-developing wheelchair user with Spina bifida has created a new online resource that he says will help disabled people and their friends to help each other get more out of life.

Andy Stiller, 41, from Brighton, was inspired to create the website because of his own experience of the lack of good information and practical advice for disabled people.
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The Man Who Played Bosola

Peter Batten writes about a man named John…

Recently I heard a young actress on TV discussing her latest role as the Duchess of Malfi in John Webster’s play of the same name. As a schoolboy aged 17 this play made a great impression on me. Two or three days later the Globe Theatre Company announced that work was in progress to create a replica of the Blackfriars indoor theatre, where so many great Jacobean plays, like The Duchess, were first presented.
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